Commercial Driver Training Program:

Classic Traffic School LLC offers a wide variety of truck driving program to meet the needs of students and employers. To keep up to date with changing regulations in the trucking industry, our program and continually improved and updated by our training advisors. Our courses are a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training.

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Full Time 150

  • 150 Credit Hours
  • Three-Four Work Weeks, or Seven-Eight Weekends
  • Pre-Trip Inspection, Classroom work, Hands-On training
  • $6,100 Tuition + $600 Road Test
    • Out of Pocket Loan and Grant program available
    • Loan and Grant Program Available
  • Graduate with Certification in Hand

  • TD001 Truck Driver 1A – 100 Contact Hours (Class A & B)
  • TD002 Truck Driver 2A – 150 Contact Hours (Class A & B)
  • TD003 Truck Driver B – 45 Contact Hours (Class A & B)
  • TD004 Professional Truck Driver Refresher– 10 Contact Hours (Class A & B)
  • TD005 Advanced Professional Truck Driver Refresher – 60 Contact Hours (Class A & B)

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